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Nantongo Inidah

Ten year old Inidah lost her father when she was about six months old in her mother’s womb. Her mother  after the loss her husband had to move on and got married to another man  leaving Inidah to stay with her maternal grandmother who is a peasant farmer struggling to provide for the many children staying in the home. The children`s needs are far beyond what the grandmother`s income. Inidah would do many chores around the house like collecting fresh water, digging and cleaning the home, but the situation was dire because of her grandmother`s low source of income.

Inidah is in the third Grade and hopes to become a medical doctor. At Berakhah childcare, her new family provides the much needed love and meets her basic needs. She loves to sing and dance, and in her free time she likes to play handball with her friends. Your generous consideration to sponsor her will help her become a successful person that she dreams of. Thank you! God bless you!

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