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Loving God.
Loving people..

Changing lives…

IGFM brings the love of God and the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ by serving people’s spiritual and physical needs.

International Great Faith Ministries (IGFM)

The International Great Faith Ministries (IGFM) is committed to reaching out to every unreached people group, addressing both their spiritual and physical needs. Our efforts include Church Planting, Evangelism, Leadership Development, and the provision of care for vulnerable individuals and orphaned children through Berakhah Childcare.

Berakhah Childcare

Berakhah Childcare exists to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda’s rural villages providing for their physical, emotional, Spiritual and educational needs empowering them to become Uganda’s future leaders.

Berakhah childcare home in Busamaga- Buwalasi 14km or 9miles North of Mbale town in Uganda is where orphaned and vulnerable children find the much needed love and care and the home of Berakhah Children’s Choir.

Berakhah Choir

Berakhah Children’s Choir travels to different places performing unique cultural music and dances, sharing their life changing stories and testimonies while developing their talents but at the same time creating awareness of the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in the rural villages of Uganda..


“A church after God’s heart committed to evangelism, loving God, loving people and changing lives.”
We are located in Mbale-City 900m From Mbale S.S on Kakungulu Drive Half London Area.

Pastor’s Network – Uganda

Pastor Paul Gidudu envisions supporting pastors and their families in their ministry to the masses. This dream gave rise to Pastor’s Network Uganda, a platform that provides training, encouragement, empowerment, exposure, and sponsorship to fulfill the crucial need of supporting pastors and their families in their noble endeavors.

Church Planting

We at IGFM are passionate and greatly committed to the Great commission of making disciples (Matt 28:19) partnering with over 1,000 Pastors to plant new Churches that plant other Churches in Uganda and beyond.

For Spiritual growth and Discipleship to happen in the communities we serve, there is a need for Places of Worship, hence our commitment to helping with church construction.