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Core Values

Passionate Love

For God and People

Commited to

Intentional Evangelism and discipleship


Development and Empowerment


For The orphans and vulnerable


We value generosity

Sound Doctrine

A sound doctrine


In all we do

Our Passion

We desire to bring the love of God to a hurting Uganda by serving the people’s Spiritual & physical needs not forgetting orphaned children and the vulnerable.

In obedience to the great commandment & great commission we are committed to reach every unreached people group in Uganda, starting new church plants where need be, transforming Uganda & beyond one village at a time.


Paul Gidudu

Paul Gidudu is the founder, Senior Pastor/team leader for International Great Faith Ministries and Berakhah Child Care

He oversees all the churches and all of our outreach ministries. Paul also leads our ever-growing Pastors Network of over 1,000 Pastors and Church leaders. Each year Paul ministers to thousands in Uganda’s villages, towns, and prisons. He is known for his great faith, love for people and a Kingdom heart. Paul has helped start Churches in Uganda, D.R. Congo, Kenya, South Africa, and Lesotho. He has been in full time ministry over 2 decades and is a devoted father of 6 Children