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Namono Edith

Edith lost her father to what they suspect was tuberculosis. This happened when Edith was nine years. Edith is the last born in a family of six children. Edith`s mother is a peasant farmer. Her mother has to struggle looking after a disabled grand child who needs great attention limiting Edith`s mother`s efforts in cultivating for the family to help take care of their needs. Due to the inability to provide for her children adequately, her mother was forced to hand her over to the paternal aunt to reduce on the burden of taking care of all the children as a widow with no clear source of income. Edith`s aunt wants to help her but is overloaded with meeting her own family needs on an unstable source of income got from subsistence farming. While at home; Edith would wash plates, sweep the house and also collect water.
She is in primary five and her performance is average. Her dream is to become a nurse. During her free time, she enjoys playing with friends and also reading her books.
Life has greatly changed since she joined her new family at Berakhah childcare; she has great time with her new brothers and sisters while participating in dancing and singing. Your sponsorship will help her dream come true. Thank you for helping rewrite her story!


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