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Nambozo Edith

Edith lived with the mother. She is a peasant farmer who has to work hard to support the family. She is the fourth born of the five children of her mother but there are other children of her father who don`t live with them because her father was polygamous. The mother also takes care of other two children from the extended family.
At home, Edith would sweep the house and compound, wash plates and collect water. Edith’s father died and left her at five years, a time when she needed him most. Life took a different course after the father’s death. They were caught up in a devastating situation with the mother taking on the role of a sole family provider with no stable source of income.
At Berakhah childcare, she is able to access the basic needs besides the love and care from the new family. She also participates in dancing and singing. During her free time, she plays handball with her friends. She is in primary six with an average performance and dreams of becoming a teacher. Your kind consideration to sponsor her will greatly help her grow wholistically. Thank you! God bless you!

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