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Nadunga Loyce

Loyce lived with her great grandmother who digs in the garden to attain something for the family. After Loyce`s parents separated, her mother went into town to help raise provisions for their family. Soon after, she became terribly ill and was brought back home where she died leaving the old woman with her three grandchildren to take care of. Loyce`s father sometimes offers limited support to her great grandmother to cater for his two children as he remarried shortly after they separated. At home Loyce dug, collected water and also cooked to help her grandmother. She sat for 7th grade and hopes to become a teacher when she grows up.

At Berakhah childcare, she participates in dancing and singing. She has learned how to pray and trust God to meet her needs. She has hope that her dreams of becoming a teacher will be met. She has learned how to associate with friends which was very difficult in the beginning but she works at establishing a bond with them through the love and care that she receives. She likes playing netball with her friends because it is her favorite. Your sponsorship will create opportunities for her to develop physically, spiritually and mentally. Thank you. God bless!

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