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Mutebi Lawrence

Lawrence is a twelve year old boy. He lived with his mother and step father. He only knows his father`s name but has never seen him or his grave although they suspect that he died. Accessing the basic needs was not easy for him and the mother had to struggle to make ends meet.
He is the first born of his mother out of the four children in the family. He is the only one from a different father. While at home: he would wash plates, sweep the house and collect water. He is in primary five and his performance is above average. His favorite subject is English and mathematics and well, he dreams of becoming a police officer. During his free time; he likes reading his books and playing football with his friends.
Being at Berakhah childcare, he participates in dancing and singing. He has found a family where he is loved, cared for by others and freely relates with them. Therefore, your consideration to sponsor Lawrence will create more opportunities for him to grow and develop professionally, spiritually and physically. Thank you! God bless you!

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