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Kwaga Shanita

Shanita is a fourteen year old girl. She lost her father at eight years yet he was the sole provider of the family. Shanita’s life turned around as the family struggled to make ends meet. They are six children born of the same mother but two different fathers and she is the fourth child. Shanita’s mother is a casual laborer who works tirelessly to meet the daily demands of the family. At home, Shanita was taught to work hard and did domestic chores ranging from: washing utensils, fetching water, cooking, taking care of her three young siblings and digging among others. She is in primary five and her dream is to become a teacher.
At BERAKHAH she participates in singing and dancing, her basic needs are met and she also enjoys playing with her friends. This has brought a bright smile on her face. With your sponsorship, shanita’s life will be greatly changed positively. Thank you! God bless you!

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