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Who we are

We are part of international Great Faith Ministries, a Ugandan indigenous Christian based organization founded by Pastor Paul Gidudu, serving both the spiritual and the physical needs of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our Home

We serve hundreds every week without discrimination at our Main Base in Busamaga SubCounty in Sironko District just 14km (9 miles) north of Mbale town, and 50 High School going youth at our Mbale youth home all in Eastern Uganda.


Who we are, Our Home, Performing Locations, Restoring Hope and More

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Children’s Choir

We have an amazing Children’s Choir that travels to different places performing unique cultural music and dances, sharing their life changing stories and testimonies. Each person in the choir has a unique story that will bless, inspire and encourage you.

Performing Locations

We are actively seeking opportunities to sing and share our life changing stories in Churches, Schools, Nursing homes, Neighborhood events, Community centers and any other places we are invited.

Performance Duration

Our full show is one hour but we can perform for any available time given to us. We have a number of different items that fit into any given amount of the time.

Choir Size

While we can bring as many as posible, but due to logistical constraints, we have at least 15 members on our traveling choir both children and chaperones/caregivers.

Accommodation and Meals

We request where possible our hosts arrange accommodation and meals for the choir. But where necessary the choir can use air mattress or sleeping bags at any available location.

Book the Choir

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