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Wosaza Hussein

Hussein lived with his mother. She is a peasant who works on people’s gardens to make ends meet. His father died before his birth, denying him the experience of a fatherly affection. He is from a polygamous family of twelve children. The family’s access to basic necessities is inadequately met as they only have the mother to look up to. At home Hussein would do gardening, fetching water, and cooking to contribute to his family`s welfare. He is in high school and well his performance is average.

His hobbies are; Volley ball and debating.

Being part of Berakhah childcare, Hussein participates in dancing, singing, learning how to play drums and reading is his favorite. He likes caring for others and studying the Bible. Hussein is full of life and hope despite the life struggles he has had. His desire is to become a journalist in future.  Your sponsorship will help his dream become a reality. Thank you!

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