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Wonadwadi Joseph

Joseph used to live with his father and his other siblings. He never knew his mother’s love because his parents separated and he was raised by a single father who went through thick and thin to provide for his children. His father struggles to even get a meal because he has no source of income. Joseph would collect water for the family, wash utensils, clean the house and also cook for his siblings but the challenges they endured were; inconsistent levels of income and unpredictable harvests which made survival very difficult and even basic needs for the children were not being met.

Joseph is in the third Grade and his performance is good. At Berakhah childcare, Joseph is happy with his newfound life. He has made many friends and loves to play soccer. His involvement in Christian fellowships and children’s choir has brought hope and comfort back into his life. He is changing for the best and desires to become a doctor. Your generous sponsorship will help Joseph develop wholistically. Thank you and May the almighty God bless you!

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