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Wanzala Mesach

Mesach is in senior two and he is the third born in a family of five children. He is fifteen years old. He lived with his mother who is a peasant farmer. She struggles on her own to raise her children and she teaches them how to work hard. At home, Mesach would wash utensils, clean the home and fetch water. He started depending solely on his mum to cater for all his needs from the age of four when he lost his father due to a gang of strangers who beat him to death.
At Berakhah childcare, his basic needs are met above all, he has found a family that cares for him. Here, he is involved in learning how to play the keyboard, drums and singing. He has also learnt how to pray and put his trust in God which is changing his behavior greatly for the best. He is growing to become very responsible and caring for others which has inspired him to become a medical doctor. Your sponsorship will create new opportunities for him to achieve his dream! Thank you!

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