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Wanyenze Patience

Patience is 15 years old and has battled sickle cells anemia from birth. She lived with her parents who are peasant farmers who struggled to save the life of their daughter after losing several children because of the same. It was very costly to raise Patience because of the regular hospital bills and providing for her a balanced diet which the family could not afford. She sometimes missed hospital visits which greatly affected her health. She even dropped out of school because of her health and it was at such a point in life that she was taken on by Berakhah childcare to help restore her lost hope. Patience would help around the house by washing plates, cleaning the house and hitting stones for construction to help the family earn a living. Sickle cell has led to occasional severe headaches, joint pains and pain in her stomach. We believe the ailments are so strong they require medical attention.

Patience is in the 2nd grade and dreams of becoming a teacher. At Berakhah childcare, she has been welcomed with love and acceptance into her new family and has great comfort that her basic needs like medication, food, shelter and education are being met. Your generous sponsorship will open new doors for patience and cause her to smile with confidence of a bright future. Thank you! God bless you!

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