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Wandera Allan

Allan is a 10 year old boy and the last born in the family of four children. He lost his father at the age of four and thereafter, his mother took on the role of a sole provider of the family. The mother could dig in order to provide for the family but developed complications and was advised by doctors not to engage in hard work which included digging. His mother`s life became difficult because her source of livelihood had become a threat to her health. Allan also developed a complication at an early stage of his life. He developed pain and abit of swelling of his belly. And at three years ,the condition worsened as he could eat normally but not pass out stool after eating, if he did, he would do so after three months and his stomach continued swelling which became very worrying to the mother as she couldn’t do much because she never had means to facilitate medical bills of a specialized doctor. She just continued feeding her son as the stomach kept on swelling year after year.

When Berakhah came to his rescue, Allan underwent several tests, operations and subsequent surgeries which were successful and this gave Allan’s family a hope of living a healthy life as his condition had earlier been connected to witchcraft by the community   with minimal chances of survival once operated. Allan helped his mother with washing utensils and garden work for them to have a meal.

Allan is in 1st Grade and has an average performance. While at Berakhah, Allan participates in dancing and singing. During his free time, he likes riding the bicycle, basketball and playing soccer with his friends. He can now express himself freely and looks forward to a brighter future. Through your generous scholarship he will grow physically, spiritually and mentally as he seeks his dream of becoming a driver. Thank you! God bless!

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