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Ssegirinya Cyrus

Cyrus was living with both parents who were meager income earners. His father is a casual laborer who struggles to earn an average wage of about a dollar a day. This made life extremely difficult in terms of accessing all the basic needs for his family of four children and it was a struggle for him to get work daily. Cyrus was then picked from their home by his maternal uncle who brought him to Berakhah so that his needs would be catered for. While at home, Cyrus would clean the home, wash utensils, and collect water.

He is in high school and his performance is average. Being part of Berakhah childcare, Cyrus`s behavior has greatly improved in terms of socializing with others. During his free time he plays a guitar, rugby with his friends and reads books. Your generous sponsorship will help bring more meaning in his life as he dreams of becoming a telecom engineer when he grows up. Thank you! God bless you!

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