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Nasiyo Mercy

Mercy is a twelve year old girl who was born without arms. Her parents are peasant farmers and cannot afford taking her to a school for children that need special care like her. This is so because from the parents` little income, they have a very large family to take care of.  Mercy’s condition attracted Berakhah childcare to take her on and support her. She believes that her condition cannot hold her back from doing things that other children do like washing clothes, playing, feeding herself and she has a great handwriting.

Mercy is in the 3rd Grade with good performance in class. She desires to become a Doctor because she wants to help other children that have grown up in similar circumstances. In her free time she revises her books; skip ropes, and plays soccer with her friends.

At Berakhah childcare, Mercy is happy with her newfound life. She has made many friends and participates in Bible study fellowships, dancing, and singing that have greatly changed her life. She is able to access all her basic needs and now has hope that her dream will become a reality! Your sponsorship will help Mercy accomplish her dream. Thank you!

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