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Nandudu Irene

Irene lived with her parents and siblings. Her mother has occasional mental problems while her father is alcoholic. Her parents could not adequately provide for her paternal aunt took her and started living with her. Her aunt would prepare cheap food and sell it to people to earn some income and she introduced Irene to help her distribute food to her customers. With time her food vending business collapsed and she went back home with no source of income. Getting a meal and other family needs for her own family of four children became extremely difficult. This was the time when Berakhah intervened to rescue Irene.

Irene is currently in the 4th Grade and her performance average. Life for Irene has been positively impacted since she joined her new family at Berakhah. Therefore, your generous sponsorship will change her life as she dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Thank you! God bless you!

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