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Namulembwa Bakali

Bakali’s mother suffered from a mental problem and his father was myopic. This forced him to live with his maternal aunt who depended on peasantry farming to help meet the family’s needs. Unfortunately, she had a big family to take care of that it became hard to meet Bakali`s basic needs. Bakali would help the family by collecting water and washing the dishes. Sometimes, when the harvest is good, there would be food, but if the harvest is poor, the family would suffer most of the year.

Bakali is in the 1st Grade with average grades and dreams of becoming a soldier. At Berakhah childcare, life has greatly changed for the best. He prays with the older children and is learning how to dance by watching his friends practicing. During his free time he plays soccer with his friends. Your sponsorship and prayers for Bakali will help him to face the future with hope and love. Thank you. God bless you!

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