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Namono Shakira

Shakira’s father was unable to find work, even though he moved away from home to earn a living. This left her mother as the sole provider of the family who struggles to put a meal for the family on the table and meet all the family needs. Her mother works on her small garden to try and meet the family needs. Her mother survives on less than a dollar a day. Shakira would collect water, sweep the house, and wash plates to help the family.

Shakira is now in the 4thGrade and desires to become a Doctor because she wants to help other children that have grown up in similar circumstances. In her free time she skips the rope, handball and netball. At Berakhah childcare, she participates in Bible study fellowships, dancing, and singing that have greatly changed her life. She is able to access all her basic needs and now has hope that her dream will become a reality! Your sponsorship will help transform Shakira. Thank you!

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