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Nambozo Lydia

Lydia is twenty years old. She lived with her paternal grandmother. She is from a family of eleven children. They all share a father but with different mothers. One unfortunate day while she was a toddler of about one and a half years old, the room she was resting in caught fire suspected to have started from a burning candle which was left on by her mother while she went to fetch water. By the time she was rescued, the fire had affected her leading to the loss of her left hand and scares on her fore head. Lydia never lived to experience her mother`s love because her mother died when Lydia was one year and eight months. Given the large family, the father is challenged with satisfactorily meeting their basic needs like; education, health and feeding. While at home, she could help her aging grandmother to cook, dig, fetch water, wash clothes and clean the home.
At Berakhah, Lydia likes reading her books, music and the love she receives from her new family. She sat for senior four and no matter what she has been through, her hopes of becoming a nurse are alive and this can be made possible through your consideration to sponsor her. God bless you!

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