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Nambozo Christine

Sixteen-year-old Christine lost her father in an accident before she was ten years old. This fateful tragedy thrust her and her five siblings into deep poverty since her mother could not find adequate work as a laborer. Christine would dig with her siblings, carry vegetables to sell around the community, wash the dishes and sweep around the house all while attending school. Even though the entire family would work together they found the challenge of life unable to meet the basic needs and would often go hungry.

Christine sat for the seventh grade and dreams of becoming a teacher one day. At Berakhah she is able to dance and sing, play handball and skip, and have a bright hope for tomorrow because her basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and education are being met. The love of Berakhah has given her a new family. Your generous sponsorship will help her grow and achieve her dreams. Thank you! God bless you!

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