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Nambafu Annet

Annet lived with the mother and maternal grandfather. After her father`s death when Annet was four months, the mother moved with her into another marriage which failed. She then moved with her mother to the maternal grandfather who lives in a small mud house. Her grandfather is too old thus, needs a lot of care because he is weak. Annet is the fourth child of her father but sixth born by her mother. The mother bore seven children but each child has a different father. The mother tries to do petty jobs to raise her children and also take care of her father single handedly but sometimes fails to meet the basic needs of the family. Annet sometimes had to live with her paternal uncle when her mother moved to distant places in search of some income. This partly explains why Annet got malnourished at a tender age thus delaying to start school. Annet also complains of occasional severe headache and pain around the umbilical cord which keep distracting her while at school thus affecting her performance in class as she has to go home while the other pupils are in class.
At home, she would sweep the house, collect water and also take care of the young siblings.
At Berakhah childcare, she participates in singing and dancing. She can now afford a smile because of the love and care with the new family and the assurance that her basic needs like; food and education will be met. She is in primary five and dreams of becoming a teacher in future. She likes playing with her friends in games like netball. Your sponsorship will open new opportunities for her to attain her growth; spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you! God bless you!

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