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Nagudi Moreen

Moreen is a fourteen year old girl who lost her father at a very tender age of two years under circumstances that can`t be explained because he was found dead in his room. Sadly, the where abouts of her mother are unknown. The only family she has come to know is her cousin and that is who she stayed with. Her cousin works hard to help Moreen but she sometimes fails because she is a peasant, a house wife and her husband is a motocycle rider with no reliable source of income. This made it hard to access all the basic needs such as food, health and education throughout the year. While at home, Moreen could collect water, wash plates and help her cousin with garden work.

Moreen is in the 4th grade and her performance is average. At Berakhah childcare, Moreen participates in dancing and singing. During her free time, she plays hand ball with her friends. She is happy with these new friends and her hopes for a bright future are high as she desires to become a teacher. Your sponsorship will help her achieve her goals in life. Thank you. God bless you!

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