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Nafuna Emimah

Emimah is fifteen years old. She lost her father at a very tender age. Her mother was not able to raise her children because she didn`t have any source of income which forced her to leave Emimah with her paternal grandmother. Her grandmother is a peasant farmer who can`t grow enough to feed the family because of old age. Emimah joined Berakhah because her grandmother was not able to meet her personal needs let alone those of her grandchild. While at home Emimah would help her grandmother in harvesting, cleaning the home, and collecting water, among others.

Emimah is in the 4th Grade and her dream is to become a teacher. At BERAKHAH, her basic needs are met, she participates in singing and dancing, and she also enjoys playing with her friends. With your sponsorship, Emimah’s life will continue to be positively changed. Thank you! God bless you!

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