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Nabusagu Samuel

Samuel lived with his father and step – mother. He is nineteen years in senior two with an average performance in class. His father is a peasant farmer and has the responsibility of taking care of eleven children who live in different locations because their mothers are different. Samuel shares a mother with two of his sisters. He is the only son of his mother and he is their last born. Samuel’s mother died three months after his birth denying him motherly love experience, something he really misses.
While at home, Samuel would collect water, dig, slash the compound and cook.
Being part of Berakhah childcare, Samuel participates in videography, drumming, singing and dancing. His behavior has greatly improved positively in terms of socializing with others as compared to when he just joined. During his free time he goes playing football with his friends and reading his books. He would like to become an electro engineer. Your sponsorship will help bring more meaning in his life. Thank you! God bless you!

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