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Nabulumbi Jesca

Fifteen year old Jesca is the third born in a family of nine. Jesca’s parents are peasants who depend on subsistence farming like growing cassava, beans and maize with no reliable source of income. The demands of the family are far beyond the income of her parents. Sometimes when the harvest is good, there would be food, but if the harvest is poor, the family would suffer most of the year. She is currently in 7th grade where she hopes to become a Nurse and help those in need. While at home, Jesca would help the family by collecting water and washing the dishes.

At Berakhah childcare, she has been welcomed with love and acceptance into her new family and has great comfort that her basic needs like food, shelter and education are being met. Your generous sponsorship will open new opportunities for Jesca.  Thank you! God bless you!

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