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Nabukwasi Phiona

Born on the 10th of June 2004 in a family of fourteen children. Phiona lived with her parents who are peasants. Phiona is the fifth born of her mother`s fourteen children. Her mother got a mental problem which affected her ability to help provide for the family. Her father is overwhelmed with raising such a large family alone with very little income from peasantry farming.

Phiona would help her parents to collect water, cook, and sweep in and around the house as well as garden work. Phiona is seventeen years in sixth Grade with an average performance and hopes to become a Nurse in future. At Berakhah childcare, she participates in playing netball, volleyball, singing and dancing together with her new friends. She can now afford a smile because of the love and care from the new family. Your sponsorship will help empower her to reach high heights that seemed impossible when she was back at home where meeting her dream was almost impossible. Thank you! God bless you!

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