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Nabugasha Florence

Florence lived with the maternal grandmother who is a peasant. The father’s whereabouts are unknown, she only knows his name and suspects that he died while Florence was still in her mother’s womb but has no traces of him. Florence is the last born of her mother`s four children. Florence takes her grandmother as the mother because she started living with her when she was a toddler as the mother moved to look for work to raise her children. Her mother later remarried and occasionally gives a helping hand but it’s quite difficult as a peasant farmer to meet Florence`s needs satisfactorily and her grandmother who would support her is now aging and also needs support. Florence would help her grandmother to collect water, dry beans during harvesting period, cook, and sweep in and around the house as well as garden work while at home. Florence is seventeen years in senior two with an average performance and hopes to become a doctor.
At Berakhah childcare, she participates in singing and dancing. She can now afford a smile because of the love and care from the new family. Your sponsorship will open new opportunities for her to attain her growth; spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you! God bless you!

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