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Mutoto Abbey

Abbey’s father died when he was just two years old and this forced him to live with his mother who is a causal laborer working on people’s gardens to earn an average wage of less than a dollar a day. This made her ability to provide for her own family and other orphans living in the family extremely difficult. At home abbey would clean the house, wash utensils, collect water and dig.

Sometimes, when the harvest was good, there would be food, but if the harvest was poor, the family would suffer most of the year. Abbey is in the 3rdGrade, with average grades and dreams of becoming an engineer.

At Berakhah childcare, life has greatly changed for the best. He prays with the older children and is learning how to dance, preach by watching his friends practicing. During his free time he plays soccer with his friends. Your sponsorship and prayers for abbey will help him grow wholistically to face the future with hope and love. Thank you. God bless you!

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