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Mafabi Timothy

Timothy is nineteen years old. He is the first born of his siblings of the same mother but not certain of his siblings on his father`s side because the father was polygamous. At twelve years, he lost his father as a result of injuries. Thereafter, Timothy was separated from his mother and started living in the village with a sister to his maternal grandmother who mostly digs on her garden. The grandmother’s income is uncertain so was challenging to provide for Timothy besides her own close family. Timothy`s mother struggles to cater for the family by selling vegetables like; onions and tomatoes to get some income to help her raise his five siblings that she is not in position to support Timothy meet his basic needs like: education and feeding.
At home he would cut grass for the cows, fetch water and sweep the compound besides cooking. During his free time he likes playing football with his friends and dancing.
Being part of Berakhah childcare, Timothy participates in drumming, singing and dancing. He has found a home, a place with love where there is sharing and playing with friends. His needs are met. He sat for his senior four and wants to become a Surgeon so as to preserve other people`s lives. Your sponsorship will help him develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you! God bless you!

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