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Kisakye Faith

Faith’s father died when she was just five years old leaving her with the mother. This tragic event turned the family’s life upside down as they struggled to make ends meet. Faith is from a family of four children. Her mother started to work as a casual laborer to help meet the family demands after the loss of her husband. Faith would do chores around the house like washing dishes, fetching water, cooking, and cleaning the compound. Her mother worked so hard but the inconsistence in the level of income flow incapacitated the mother`s ability to cater for all the family needs.

Faith is in the 5th Grade and her dream is to become a medical doctor. At BERAKHAH, her basic needs are met, she participates in singing and dancing, and she also enjoys playing with her friends. With your sponsorship, Faith’s life will continue to be positively changed. Thank you! God bless you!

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