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Kakai Milly Jolly

Milly is a thirteen year old girl. She lived with different relatives at different times. She is the sixth born of the eight children born to her mother. Of all her siblings by her mother, only a set of twins and the fifth born share a father while the rest have different fathers. She has no idea about the fatherly love because he died before she made one year. Their peasant mother took on the role of the sole bread winner which was very challenging as she had no clear source of income. Unfortunately, she fell sick for a very short time and also died when Milly was ten years. While at home, she helped to sweep the house, collect water and wash utensils.
At Berakhah childcare, she is happy with her new friends and this has helped her to adjust gradually from her reserved mood to a lively and ever smiling girl. During her free time, she plays hand ball with her friends and skips the rope with them. She loves singing and dancing while in choir which builds her confidence and her life is changing for the best. Milly is in Primary five and her performance is average. Your sponsorship will help Milly to develop physically, spiritually and emotionally as she works hard at becoming a Doctor. Thank you. God bless you!

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