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Kabuya Priscah

Priscah is 10 years old and has endured tremendous hardship throughout her childhood. She had her eye damaged by a neighbor’s child and can’t see well a similar condition which occurred to her father at the same age of 9. This has failed him from active work up-to-date. This led priscah to occasionally have severe headaches, poor vision, pain, and deterioration on her performance. We believe the ailments are so strong they require medical attention.

With the father’s failing sight and her mother`s failing health, these have affected priscah’s parents in getting an income to support the family. Priscah would help around the house by washing plates, sweeping and cleaning the compound, the basic needs of the family were not met adquately. Priscah is in the 4th Grade and dreams of becoming a teacher.

At Berakhah childcare, she has been welcomed with love and acceptance into her new family and has great comfort that her basic needs like food, shelter and education are being met. Your generous sponsorship will open new opportunities for priscah to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Thank you! God bless you!

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